2 years ago

19 April, 2016

MSD - Melbourne School of Design, meeting point on ground floor

Organised by:
Mandarin Language Club

Dear guys and gals. We are a group of uni students who believe in providing support for all those who want to learn Chinese. Whether it’s just a word or two to impress those uncles and aunties, or you want to speak fluent Chinese or maybe even talk to that girl or guy you like. We think we have found a way for you to learn without having to put in that Asian effort.

All you need to do it turn up every week. We know a lot of you out there dropped out of Chinese back in your high school days because it’s just too hard. All those sad memories of our Chinese class days, they aren’t in vain. You can come and practice your “horrible” (maybe not) Chinese with us just for fun and we don’t judge. In addition, for those who barely knows any Chinese, isn’t it a terrific chance to learn a new language and make new friends?

Our lessons are free of charge, free of homework and free of tests, in short they should be fairly relaxing. We suspect most of you want to learn more about how to speak and can’t be bothered with reading or writing. That’s why we are keeping reading and writing to a minimum. Of course, you are still welcomed to learn how to read and write if you preferred. Extra materials will be provided frequently for you to take challenges or build up your interest.

We will have two groups as usual. One for beginners and one for intermediates. The beginners will work on pinyin and learn about numbers this time. The intermediate group will learn to express their feelings and make an attempt at describing their own family, using vocabs and phrase learnt during last lesson. This should be both fun and useful.