2 years ago

9 August, 2016

Sidney Myer Asia Centre

Organised by:
Mandarin Language Club

Our Madarin lessons run weekly and are free, come and join.

Teaching class, Tue 5:15-6:45, PAR sidney myer asia Ctr-117
Practice session , Wed 5:15-6:45, PAR sidney myer asia Ctr-113

Intermediate :
Teaching class, Thu 5:15-6:45, PAR sidney myer asia Ctr-G01
Practice session, Fri 5:15-6:45, PAR sidney myer asia Ctr-G01

This is all located on the unimelb parkville campus.


1.Do I need to be a club member to come to the lessons?
Ans: No you don't. However, if you like our lessons and want to support us come sign up as a member, membership is $2. These funds help make our club run better and be able to hold more events for you guys, plus you get a nice membership card. You can sign up at our lessons or come find us at Union House during 12-2, we usually have a table on Mon, Wed, Fri.

2.Can I come late?
Ans: Yes you can, even if there is only 10 minutes left, you can still come in and have a chat in Chinese to improve your skill.

3.What if I miss a lesson, how can I catch up?
Ans: if you missed the teaching lesson, just come in the next day for the practice session, a tutor will find those that need to catch up and go over previous contents with you.
If you gonna miss both lesson for you difficulty level, why not try the other stream, that's if you level is sorta in between. you might just find it worth it.
we will also be posting our lesson materials the tutors made on our Facebook Group, and you can ask us questions there and give us feedback, so join now.