2 years ago

15 September, 2016

Union House, Mary Cook B

Organised by:
Mandarin Language Club

"We will make lanterns and eat moon cakes." - long story short

August 15th on the Chinese Lunar Calendar (15th September) marks the Mid-Autumn festival, families in China gather during this day to enjoy delicious moon cakes, as well as admiring the full moon. Another way of celebrating this holiday is the making of lanterns; it’s not uncommon to see buildings in China decorated with brightly-lit lanterns. Oftentimes riddles are written on these lanterns, and a popular activity amongst children is to guess the answers. The MLC plans to celebrate this traditional holiday by inviting you to learn about the cultural background of the Mid-Autumn, craft lanterns (there’s even a competition where the most creative design wins a prize!) as well as eating moon cakes. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to experience the Mid-Autumn festival with us.

Time: 15/09, 5:15 to 7:15 pm
Location: Union House, Mary Cook B

$20 worth of traditional lantern crafting lesson!
$15 worth of traditional lantern material!
$5 worth of delicious moon cakes!
Valuable knowledge about Chinese culture

…All at the cost of only $10 for non members and $5 for members!!!