2 years ago

13 October, 2016

Frederic Wood Jones Theatre, Medical Building, The University of Melbourne

Organised by:
Mandarin Language Club

Hi all:
In this free public lecture, we will answer your top questions about job hunting, how to impress an employer and things you may never have thought about when it comes to successfully getting a job.

1. How do I find jobs in local companies after graduation?
2. How can I impress employers by being bilingual?
3. How do I prepare for interviews?
4. What skills do employers look for and how can I acquire these skills?
5. What are the importance of internship?
6. What are the possibilities of entrepreneurship and setting up my own company?
7. Where can I acquire professional training?

Our Guest speaker, Richard Bai, is from Australian Institute of Management. He joined the Australian Institute of Management as General Manager, Commercial, Partnerships & Sponsorship in October 2015.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to discover how to be prepared for your future career.