2 years ago

5 April, 2016

Redmond Barry Building 616 (next to the Melbourne School of Design Building/Architecture)

Organised by:
Latin America 1

We're screening a couple of Colombian Shorts and it'd be amazing if you could join us. These shorts have been screened at Palm Springs ShortFest, one of them at the Clermont Ferrand and other festivals around the world. This might be the only opportunity to see them in Melbourne in the near future.

Esa Musica (That Music): Omar, a construction worker, receives a recorded message on his cell phone from an unknown caller. Even though nobody speaks in the message, he vaguely recognizes the melody of a song amidst the noise of the recording. From that moment on, he will start a search to find out the name of that song.
Trailer: https://youtu.be/zTOb6gsuBrw

Anonimata: Gloria is a typist who dreams of becoming a famous writer, but when she discovers that the publisher isn't interested in publishing her novel, she decides to jump out the balcony. When she is about to fall, the doorbell interrupts her and her life takes an unexpected direction.

Hope you all Enjoy the Screening!