1 year ago

17 February, 2017


Organised by:
Physiotherapy Students' Society (MUPSS)

Ladies and gents, it’s time to kick off a big year of MUPSS events with our annual Tour of Local Establishments. After two weeks of class (or four weeks of clinics for second years), it’ll be a great time to sit back and relax over a few drinks and maybe even squeeze in a bit of a boogie before the night is up.

Here is the run down:

Venue No. 1: Shaw Davey Slum
171-175 Elgin Street, Carlton

Venue No. 2: The Lincoln
91 Cardigan St, Carlton

Venue No. 3: The Queensberry
593 Swanston St, Carlton

Venue No. 4: European Bier cafe
120 Exhibition St, Melbourne
9.30-late (Live music starts at 10, so we'll need to arrive before then to take our place on the dance floor!)

The theme is Beach Party, so come dressed in your best floral shirts, leis and hula skirts, and get ready to slip, slop, slap, sip!