2 years ago

24 May, 2016

Graham Cornish B

Organised by:
Russian Society

As the last weeks of Semester 1 tick away, the Russian club has taken upon itself to put together the best end of semester party you could possibly imagine. We'll be meeting in Graham Cornish B for a traditional Russian meal of pizza, dumplings, pickles, sour cream and a cookie cake.

You'll wash down these delicacies with vodka, kvas, vodka, soft drink, mors, vodka and of course vodka. You'll even be able to taste the difference between petrol-tasting vodka (ruskov) and slightly-less-petrol-tasting vodka (belvedere)! If you want drown your examination stress in a toxic mix of vodka and pickle water* or just celebrate the end of Semester, head to Graham Cornish on Tuesday the 24th.

*The Melbourne University Russian Society does not condone binge drinking, but does supports the traditional Russian practice of alcoholism.