2 years ago

2 March, 2016

Riverland Federation Square Wharf

Organised by:
Student Exchange Society

All aboard the MUSEX Party Boat! Your ticket includes UNLIMITED DRINKS, an Australiana costume theme, enough pizza to refloat the Titanic, and a DJ blasting tunes all night while we sail along the Yarra River against the spectacularly lit-up Melbourne skyline!

We will be departing at Wednesday 8pm from Federation Wharf (by Riverland Bar, below Federation Square). Make sure you're on time or you'll be swimming! Also, bring your passport as ID. You must have it to get on board the boat, so please bring it and keep it with you in a secure place. Finally, dress up! The theme is AUSTRALIA so get creative!

If you're unable to attend anymore and have sold your ticket to someone else, remember to email us at musex.mail@gmail.com with their full name so we can put their name on the list.