3 years ago

16 October, 2015

Student Lounge, Union House

Organised by:
Malaysians of Melbourne University moMU

There once was a club named MoMU
Established a time ago.
Legend has it every year
A Hallows Party they’d throw.

Finals may loom in the distance
But be sure to save the date:
Dusk on October the 16th
Where oddities congregate.

So come join us from 6 to 9
Student Lounge, Union House,
We’ll provide the food, drinks, and games
It'd be a pity to miss out.

But tread the darkened halls with care
Something may be on the prowl
A girl, perhaps. You’ll soon find out.
A mystery to solve most foul.

Don your fangs and splash on some blood,
Or put on a scary mask.
The theme is simple —“A Night of Fright”
So come rise from your casket.

Last but not least, a price is paid
If you’re looking to attend.
5 for members, non-members pay 10.
It’ll sure be worth the spend.

We thank you for the time you’ve spent
To read this corny verse
We hope to see all of you there
Or you'll find yourself cursed.

Register yourselves at our MoMU table in the Union House this week and next week on Monday to Wednesday between 12pm - 2pm. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!

Side note: PappaRich vouchers will be given to ALL participants of this event!