2 years ago

18 March, 2016

Zen Apartments, Level 5

Organised by:
Thai Students Association

House Party IS BACK.
This time we bring another Twin with us.

Yeah, we are talking about match-y dress and presenting yourselves in a pair.
So ask that weird friend of yours out and get match-dressed up, or messed up even.

There are 2 options:
1. two people, show up in twin outfit (must be completely identical, in terms of the appearance).
2. two people, with costumes that always comes in a pair or relates to each other,
eg. a spoon and a fork, SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star.

Another tradition is for you all to bring along some food for free entry. Also, we will be having a contest for the best dressed and most-voted dish.

Just making sure you know that we have loads of games and snacks preparing.

Time: Friday 18th March, 7-10pm
Venue: Zen Apartment
Theme: Matchings-Twinnings-Parings
Entry fees for those who don't bring food: $12 (Members) and $15 (Non-Members)

So, bring out your inner duos, get dressed up and learn to cook.
We cannot wait to see all the cute matching pairs.