3 years ago

10 May, 2015

Melbourne University Sport

Organised by:
Melbourne Univ. Hong Kong Students Association (MUHKSA)


上次帶左大家去食好野, 今次就同大家係番Melbourne U玩

我地MUHKSA明白大家應該岩岩先搞完一大輪既mid sem同assignment, 個個都無時間出黎同班friend玩下,散下心。
所以今次我地sem1第二個一期一會將會同大家玩閃避球!!! 我地committee希望可以趁呢個活動同大家一齊發洩下
我地除左閃避球之外仲安排左其他活動同運動比大家去發洩去玩, 所以實有樣岩你玩既 !

我地亦book左 (3-5PM) Union House既HJC Bar比大家食下野, 篤下波。呢段時段我地會提供free food,有crepe有chips 你可以慢慢抖下,食住野篤波識朋友!!! 快D碌落去用條link register啦! 張飛10蚊咋!

After our last once in a while, we couldn't wait and decided that we should change things up and bring the event back to Melbourne University

We completely understand it has been hectic since the end of the Easter break (and our cocktail party!!!) with a crap ton of mid sems and assignments, with next to no time to hang with your friends.
So we're looking to use this once in a while to allow you guys to let off some steam and make some more new friends! We have got the sport centre booked for a good two hours so there will be other activities and sports for you to have some good fun as well.

We will end the afternoon at HJC Uni Bar for a nice and chill afternoon with some free chips and crepe, so you guys can do some catching up with each other! See ya all real soon. Register with our form below, the ticket price will be $10.