2 years ago

15 March, 2016

Graham Cornish B, Union House

Organised by:
Greek Association (MUnGA)

In the gregarious spirit with which Alexis Zorba taught high-strung English writer Basil to dance, Munga is proud to announce it will be holding Dance classes on campus!

Join us for our first lesson focusing on pan-Hellenic dances from regions such as Epirus, Northern Thrace and the beautiful and lively islands of the Aegean.

WHEN: 12pm-1pm Tuesdays

WHERE: Graham Cornish B on the second floor of union house

PRICE: Free!

The class aims to introduce Greek dances for various regions of Greece alongside their cultural context. Greek dancing is more than steps and music! Anyone of any experience level is welcome; the only requirements are an open mind and an interest in dancing.

Whether you want to learn something new, relieve the glory of Greek School Dance classes or simply have a laugh with some good people, come down for a fun and social workout!

See you there!

#byoouzo #opazembeks