2 years ago

7 April, 2016

South Lawn

Organised by:
Greek Association (MUnGA)

MUnGA & Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria present to you Zorba Til You Drop contest at Clubs Carnival!

This year the CLUBS CARNIVAL presented by UMSU Clubs and Societies will be hit by a greek storm! MUnGA will have a stall, so come down and learn what we are all about!

Our main event will be the Zorba Til You Drop Contest commencing at 1pm! Don't know how to zorba? That's okay, because our amazing zorba experts have you covered and you can learn the 5 step dance in no time!

This will be an event you won't want to miss where all but one competitor will drop and do we have a prize for them! MUnGA will be paying for two tickets at the Annual Nugas Victoria Ball! Additionally, our friends at the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria will promise the winner a spot in the Annual Zorba Til You Drop Contest at the Lonsdale Street Festival where the winner goes onto win a paid for ticket to Greece! Potentially thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won!

Good luck!