2 years ago

17 October, 2015

Union house 2nd floor, Joe Napolitano Rooms (A and B)

Organised by:
Melbourne Univ. Hong Kong Students Association (MUHKSA)

Google form(sign up): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aNJAQn8KsC6-nSsWJrwTHfZWaW58aafHLGF4JTw2u70/viewform


We are now hosting a Hong Kong style Mah Jong competition for all students, with winning prizes! Mah Jong could be all about fun and gathering with friends. This time, things are getting real --- to find out who is the real Mah Jong king/ queen!

There are 3 main entries of ticket:
1.rookie level(for non-experienced player)
2.intermediate level(for beginners/ casual players)
3.advanced level(for pros/ advanced player).
**each person can join ONE entry only

BUT what's the point of winning? BECAUSE the winning prizes are HUGE!
For advanced level: an ANNUAL movie ticket for 1st place, $80 for 2nd place!!!
As for intermediate level: 1st place $50, 2nd place $30!!

Have no clue what is Mah Jong, and want to know what is all this fuss about Mah Jong? No worries! We provide 'how to' session for rookies who are interested, there will be someone teaching you the basic skills for Mah Jong(but no prize will be available. It is recommended that you could join intermediate level and learn during warm up session)

Run down:
Tournaments will be held for warm up section at the beginning, food and drinks are provided in the meantime(12:00-12:30). First round will start at 12:40 to 3:00. At the end of first round, we will announce the finalists with the gathered scores in the first round. Non-finalists could stay and join match watching/ Mah Jong casual play. The final round begins at 3:20 – 4:00.

Who knows? YOU could be the winner and take the amazing prizes home. Come and Mah Jong with us!

Date:17/10/2015 (Sat)
Time: 12:00-4:00 pm
Venue: Joe Napolitano Rooms (A and B), Union House 2nd Floor, University of Melbourne
Entry fee: $5 member / $8 non-member
Including: Mahjong Section and FREE Lunch, and Prize for the winners!

Limited spots! Please sign up ASAP through
1) google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aNJAQn8KsC6-nSsWJrwTHfZWaW58aafHLGF4JTw2u70/viewform
2)at MUHKSA table

MUHKSA website: http://www.muhksa.com
MUHKSA email: muhksa@gmail.com