2 years ago

26 August, 2016


Organised by:
Greek Association (MUnGA)

The annual sellout event returns for 2016, bigger and better than ever!
New venue! New time slot! Same old shenanigans!

It’s all happening Friday 26th August! Make sure you write it in your diary, better yet, grab that calendar from your old greek school hanging in your yiayia’s kitchen and circle that date!

This is not to be missed! A banquet fit for royalty will grace your tastebuds, while your lips will be well lubricated from the unlimited supply of beer and wine. Essential ingredients for a night you won’t remember in the morning!

In all seriousness, what could possibly be better than great big gathering of Mungakia and sharing a meal in the name of lamb and all things garlicky. That’s right, absolutely nothing! Oh wait, dancing! But there will be PLENTY of that don’t you worry!

Tickets: $55 for MUnGA members, $60 for non-members
^^ Did I mention the free beer and wine? How good is this value for money!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for ticket sale dates.