2 years ago

12 August, 2016


Organised by:
Speech Pathology Students' Society

Yo mama so fat she’s SPOTted walking to the second venue from last pub crawl.
Luckily for you, SPOT is having another pub crawl just so you can meet yo mama halfway.

So get your best bants ready to fire, for the best pub crawl ever.

12th August, 6:00PM SPOTs will be fired
So take the night off work, take the next day off and maybe the day after that too so you can be the best therapissed ever

Keep an eye out for your mama and also for more details about the event and T-shirts (your ticket to the crawl), which by the way look absolutely rehabulous.

$10 for any SPOT members
$15 for non-SPOT members
Everyone is welcome, so invite all your friends!