2 years ago

7 October, 2016

Loy Yang A Power Station

Organised by:
Master of Energy Systems Association (MESA)

What is a power plant or a power station? How is electricity made? Have you always wondered where our household electricity comes from? Or are you just fascinated by Thermodynamics and Rankine cycles?

Amongst it's many renewable and non-renewable energy generating assets, Loy Yang A is one of AGL's largest and most fascinating. A thermal power plant located in the Latrobe Valley, the AGL Loy Yang site is 165 kilometres south east of Melbourne covering an area of about 6,000 hectares.

A seven year, $60 million ICMS conversion project completed in October 2014, converted all AGL Loy Yang operating units from an ageing analogue system to a state of the art digital control system. The project has been vital to ensuring energy security and reliability of supply to Victoria.

AGL Loy Yang supplies approximately 30% of Victoria’s power requirements.

The MESA committee is pleased to invite MESA members, University of Melbourne students and students enrolled in Non-Renewable Energy to join us on a site visit to the power station and brown coal mine. The purpose of this field trip is to expand our practical understanding of the technical features and thermodynamics of thermal power plants and brown coal extraction, in addition to the challenges this technology is facing now and in the future.

The field trip plan shall follow:

Bus tour of the coal mine upon arrival
Morning tea in the AGL Learning Centre where AGL staff would like to hear from you about how AGL's operations relate directly to your studies!
Q&A session with
Sarah Gilbert (Environment manager); AGL's rehabilitation plan
Nigel Brown (Head of Mining)
Len McLauchlan (Head of Station)
Walk around tour of the power plant facilities

Details for departure:
Meet at the entrance of The Graduate House (220 Leicester St., Carlton).

Please arrive by 8:45 am. The bus will depart at 9:00 am sharp.

We are expecting to leave Loy Yang at 5:00pm and return to the University at 7:00pm.

Please ensure you wear fully enclosed shoes, long pants/trousers and long sleeved shirts otherwise you will be allowed entry to the site. Hi-vis vests, hard hats and safety glasses will be supplied by AGL.

Please note this is a hazardous, high risk work area. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, escorted outside by on-site security and reported to the university.