1 year ago

20 October, 2016

Tallis Wing

Organised by:
Music Students Society

~~~ FREE PIZZA ~~~

Now that we have your attention next week we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting at: 1:00pm in the Tallis Wing of the Conservatorium Building.

You can elect yourself or vote for your friends to join the committee, organise the events, how much food, what food, how much party atmosphere, organise a cover band to play the Arthur theme tune, give feedback to the senior staff at the Conservatorium, help work on changes to the academic, performance and building works and generally make sure music students have a great time!

We will be electing for the positions of:
President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education Officer
Non-Executive: First Year Representative, Second and Third Year Representative, Honours and Postgraduate Representative, International Student Representative, Activities Officer, Fundraising Officer and General Committee.

We will also be voting on an addition to our constitution to allow UMSU to help us better resolve issues between students, see below:
Any grievance that arises between a club and UMSU, a club member and another club member, or a club member and another University of Melbourne student is subject to the grievance procedure outlined in the UMSU Clubs & Societies Regulations. If the parties subject to a grievance are unable to meet and discuss the grievance and determine a resolution within 21 academic days, the UMSU Clubs & Societies Officer/s or their nominated representative shall appoint a mediator to facilitate mediation. Parties subject to mediation will have certain rights as members of the club suspended until mediation is completed.

If you wish to join the committee or vote or just be there, come along for the good times.

MSS Committee