2 years ago

17 March, 2016

BBQ area, Plaza Pavillion

Organised by:
Filipino Students Association

We'll be having it at the BBQ area of the Plaza Pavillion near Sidney Myre Building. Its J20 on the University Map.

Hey Guys!

This Thursday we'll be hosting a lunch event with Chicken and Pork BBQ for you to come and enjoy. Drinks are provided and hopefully you'll join us in our festivities.Stop by if you have time. And don't forget to bring members who are interested and those who may want to join the club! :D

Memberbership FEE's are only >>>> $5

P. S. -

Hey Guys!

We'd like to just announce that we have started a raffle draw for the next few events to come. So basically what happens is that per event you have the chance of winning a Paintball ticket for the End of Semester event we are planning to hold.

Eligibility for the raffle is quite simple:
1. Those who are MEMBERS are elegible for our Free Paintball Ticket Giveaway Raffle!
2. You have to at least have went to one event to be considered.
3. Over 18 years of age.

Around 15 TICKETS are ready for giveaways! So the more events you go to, the more chance of you winning a TICKET!

The OFFICIAL draw will be happening sometime WEEK 10!

So do join if you're interested! XD Membership is only >>>> $5

MUFSA Committee!
See you all there!