2 years ago

23 August, 2016

The Spot Building, Room 5015

Organised by:
Students' Association of Management and Marketing

Ready - AIM - Fire: Building your Digital Influence with AIM

Do you remember the Gangnam style? How about when Kim K broke the internet with them #NSFW pictures? And how about all those #FeeltheBern posts a few months ago?

“Oh how I wish I could capture a social media audience like that…”

Say no more, SAMMily - We’re here for you!

With marketing budgets getting smaller and smaller, marketers are being pressured into stretching their creative limits - meaning we need to prepare ourselves NOW for our next career steps.

At this event, you’ll learn all you need to know about running successful campaign from the very best at AIM:
- How to identify current #hashtags (hint: #iamhavingtheworstdayever does not work!) to increase engagement
- How to track engagement while running a campaign
- How to follow up the campaign to consolidate activity and create valuable content for your audience
- How to create relevant dialogues that can lead to meaningful connections
And much, much more!

So come along! Let’s AIM for digital success and learn to become social media influencers!
Register your interest here: http://bit.ly/2b8KwWL

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