2 years ago

25 February, 2016

Macfarland Court, The University of Melboure

Organised by:
Australasian Association

Year after year tens of thousands of new-born university goers trek through the stalls at South Lawn on a nervous journey to decide which clubs they'll join in their first year.

With clubs ranging from the 1701 Star Trek Club to PIRATES to powerlifting, it's always a hard choice.

But, year after year, there always seems to be one club that comes out on top. One club that sees everyone lining up, making new friends, dancing on their feet and even with a free donut and icey-poles in each hand.

This club is called the Australasian Association. And this year, this club is your club

Australasian Association, Aa, or more commonly known as 'Home,' is known for striving to enrich the social life of uni students as well as bridging all community groups and classes. Their mission statement stretches from lending a helping hand in settling in to uni, to having endless fun at events, camps, on-campus activities and gatherings.

So, there's nothing to lose and all to gain. At O-Week, Aa has the following for you and your friends:

Thursday the 25th: Aa FREE BBQ and SIGN-UP stall
Friday the 26th: Aa SPECIAL stand

Where: MacFarland Court and South Lawn
When: 11-3PM

A $15 membership fee will get you a Krispy Kreme donut, free icey-pole, a showbag with freebies and goodies, AND member discounts throughout the year!

Plus, for just $20 (that's a $5 member discount) you can get yourself a ticket to our DIS-O EVENT on Thursday, March 3 (check our event page)!

We'll also be joined by local talent DJ Choi on the decks as an extra treat.

ALL university-goers are welcome all 'round, Melbourne Uni or not!

Not to mention, we (and you should be too) are VERY excited for Aa CAMP (always a sell-out event) this year - with the line-up on March the 8th at 12 pm at our beloved Aa tree (more details to follow)!

Two days, one donut, free icey-pole, goodies and discounts, $0.00 sausages, what more can you ask for - we can't wait and I'm sure you can't too!

Love, Aa Fam '16