2 years ago

21 July, 2016

292 Victoria St

Organised by:
Australasian Association

Welcome Summ-Aa-ners.

Are you ready to Ryze and shine?

Are you ready to be Viktorious?


Team up with your friends and arrive equipped with your Long Sword and 3 Pots; because Aa is inViting you to join us at Cydus for our first annual League of Legends tournament.

Come along for an exciting day to have fun on the Rift as well as meet and play with new people.

Hear what our previous champions have had to say:

‘Time to troll!’ - Trundle
‘Only the worthy will survive.’ - Zed
‘I will shatter them.’ - Taric
‘Everybody dies. Some just need a little help.’ - Lucian
‘Have you seen my bear Tibbers?’ - Annie
‘Captain Teemo on Duty!’ - Ray Chen

21st of July, 3:00pm-8:00pm
Cydus Gaming Lounge, 292 Victoria Street

SIGN-UP to ensure you're not denied entry:

Any tram on Elizabeth street toward Melb Uni. Get off Queen Vic Market Stop and go left onto Victoria Street and keep walking until you see the 'Cydus' Sign!

$15 to enter the competition
$10 to play causal
Prize will be announced soon

Note: To enter the competition, you will be required to pay a deposit of $25 to secure your team, as there are a limited amount of spots! Please email or Facebook message Katherine Navarro to make the payment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Katherine Navarro
Mobile: 0425 712 076
Email: katherine.navarro@mu-aa.com