2 years ago

1 September, 2016


Organised by:
Australasian Association

Now that we’ve had our night of class and glamour, it’s time to take the colour from the fire and melt the ice to make some liquid fun. And if you’re already missing the company of your Aa companions from the night of nights then we have just the right occasion for you!

In celebration once again with all Ball patrons, Aa presents to you the official Ball Reunion Paint Party!

Join us in splashing some more memories across your Aa canvas, smearing your university-related worries away and letting the good times and vibes seep in. So, we’ll see you there, decorated and soaked in another night to remember.

When: Thursday September 1st
Time: 9PM (2100 hours)
Where: Royal Melbourne Hotel
Cost: $10 For Ball Patrons/Aa Members, $15 Otherwise

Tickets will be available through your favourite rep/committee member. They're sure to go fast, so message to reserve now as there are limited numbers available!

Bringin’ back the bAall vibes together, see you there!