2 years ago

16 September, 2016

Brown Theatre, Electrical Engineering

Organised by:
Film Society

Hi FilmSocers and members of the Amigos de la lengua española!

This week we are very excited to be collaborating with the Amigos de la lengua española:

Esta semana estamos muy felices de colaborar con los Amigos de la lengua española:


An old executioner is desperately looking for a groom to get married with his daughter. However, every potential groom runs away after discovering her father’s gruesome profession. One day the executioner finds an unmarried undertaker, a man nobody wants and thus the perfect candidate for his unwanted daughter. The undertaker agrees to the marriage, but under the condition that he takes over the business of being an executioner…..

Having won and having been nominated for multiple Spanish film awards, this movie is a must watch for those wanting to step into the world of Spanish films.

As usual, there will be FREE pizza and drinks provided!

Bring your friends and see you all there!

Warm Regards,
Melbourne University Film Society and Amigos de la lengua española.

Friday 16th, September, 2pm
BROWN THEATRE, Electrical Engineering Building

Note: the event is free for members of either club, and only $5 to signup for Film Society for the rest of the year if you aren’t a member.