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4 March, 2017

Melbourne University Taiwanese Students' Association MUTSA

Organised by:
Taiwanese Students Association (MUTSA)

每年新生必來的Get to Know來囉!
City?!?!對! 你沒看錯!
因為這次的主題是The Amazing Race!!


想要提前報名的朋友們記得要在2月23號South Lawn的O-week Clubs & Society Expo找我們哦! 我們當天會在現場讓會員們提早報名!*

日期:3月4號 (星期六)
地點:Melbourne University South Lawn
價格:免費! 只限2017年的墨大臺灣社會員!
報明資格:2017年的墨大臺灣社會員 + 並且填上Google Form!**

Google Form:

當天大家要穿方便的衣服來進行活動呦! 也要記得攜帶水在身邊喔~~

P.s 想要成為我們的會員,
可以來2月23號O-week Clubs and Society Expo (South lawn) 登記 或著是在2月23號之後在google form登記呦!

* O-week Clubs & Society Expo當天還會有很多好康,想了解更多 點這裡 https://www.facebook.com/events/966950763437693/
** 為了安全考慮,我們需要在活動前獲取你們的聯繫方式及相關資料,所以就算人數未滿我們也將不會接受當天現場報名喔 !謝謝!

Annual Get to Know that all freshman must come is coming!
Also! This year it's going to be advance edition. Are you guys excited?
This year MUTSA will bring you guys to meet some new friends and bring you to city to accomplish missions!
City?!? Yes! You see it right! It's because the theme for this year is Amazing Race.

People who want to come to this event, don't miss it! Limited spots! First come first serve! Don't forget that this event is FREE! Having food, drinks and fun in our events is our principal!

People who want to sign up in advance please remember to find us at South lawn during O-week Clubs & Society Exp on 23rd Feb!*

Date: 4th March (Saturday)
Time: 1pm-5pm
Place: Melbourne University South Lawn
Fee: FREE! Limited to 2017 MUTSA member.
Sign up qualifications: 2017 MUTSA member + filled up Google Form!**

Google Form: available at 3pm,23rd February

On the event day, members should wear causal clothes to participate the event! Also, remember to bring a water bottle with you!

P.s For people who want to become our member.
You can come to O-week Clubs and Society Expo (South lawn) on 23rd Feb to sign up or sign up in google form after 23rd Feb.

*There are be more goodies on O-week Clubs & Society Expo. Click on the link for more information.https://www.facebook.com/events/966950763437693/
**For safety reason, we will need to have your contact method and related information, hence we will not accept on site register on the event day. Thanks!