2 years ago

16 August, 2016

EEE, Greenwood theatre

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Electrical Engineering Club (MUEEC)

Its the mueec AGM soon that means anyone can be elected and there is free pizza!!!

Its that time of year again...
We are saying fair well to the to the MUEEC committee of 2015-2016.
Fear not thought, it is not all doom and gloom. We are holding an AGM to elect a new committee for 2016-2017. Anyone can apply for any position on the day and everyone is welcome. There will even be lots of free pizza. If there is one thing that the 2015 - 2016 committee is known for it is over catering with the pizza (so if you can bring your friends and eat a lot of pizza that would be appreciated). So come one and come all to the 2016 MUEEC AGM.
The place: Newton room EEE building (Lv 5)
The when: 2.00 pm Tuesday August 16th [16/8/16]
And again anyone who is a member can run for any position in the club and every member can vote.

In other news we will be voting on a change to the constitution (see bellow) [also see constitution attached]
Compulsory addition to club constitution 2016
Any grievance that arises between a club and UMSU, a club member and another club member, or a club member and another University of Melbourne student is subject to the grievance procedure outlined in the UMSU Clubs & Societies Regulations. If the parties subject to a grievance are unable to meet and discuss the grievance and determine a resolution within 21 academic days, the UMSU Clubs & Societies Officer/s or their nominated representative shall appoint a mediator to facilitate mediation. Parties subject to mediation will have certain rights as members of the club suspended until mediation is completed.

On a brighter note PIZZA!