1 year ago

2 December, 2016

Earth Sciences Postgraduate Group - University of Melbourne

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Earth Sciences Postgraduate Group

Dear Earth Sciencers,

The ESPG invite you to a big ol' family christmas dinner on our delightful balcony on Friday 2nd!

(This doubles as a belated thanksgiving for all you Americans)

We'll be putting on the big stuff (turkey, ham, baked veg, maybe some prawns, a few desserts).

We invite you to contribute SOMETHING to the dinner. It doesn't have to be food, we also welcome decorations (lights, plates, cups, flowers, napkin swans) or your time to setup, help with shopping, transport of food, etc.

If you DO have the urge to cook, feel free to bring a salad, sides, dessert, starters, cheeses, anything you feel like.

If you're a turkey/ham/prawn/baking extraordinaire, let one of us know (we are looking for help!)

Please also bring your own booze if you'd like to drink.

We'll be moving on to a nearby establishment at 9pm, and we hope that you'll all stick around for a night-cap and to help clean up and pack away.

Please post here, or tell one of the ESPG reps, what you plan to bring and if you are definitely attending. We need to know numbers to plan the turkeys!

Kind regards,
Matt, Tamarah, Vera, Stefan, Alice
Your ESPG exec