2 years ago

5 May, 2016

Victoria Star

Organised by:
Commerce Students Society

As University students, Netflix represents procrastination, late nights and TV show addiction. Everyday Netflix has saved us from assignment stress, Sunday Netflix has saved us from hangovers, and your favourite TV show has undoubtedly calmed your nerves before an exam. Recently, however, we’ve entered the era of Netflix and Chill, where chivalry and fancy dinner dates are off the radar. These days, we don’t know when we’re just watching TV, or when we are a part of a whole new social phenomena. Our iconic Netflix and Chill is defined by the trusty Urban Dictionary as ‘subtle (or not so subtle) way to lure someone to come over, initially as just a "friend", so that it can lead to an opportunity of getting intimate while something is playing on Netflix’. Interesting.

To celebrate all that is Netflix and Chill, your CSS invites you to the 2016 Netflix and Chill Booze Cruise on May 5th. This is your chance to dress up as the newest Drug dealer from Narcos, a hotshot politician on House of Cards, Piper Chapman herself – and whatever else you love about Netflix (and chill). We want to see the quirkiest characters and best plotlines created in costume. And of course, you can also create a costume out of the ‘Chill’ side of the equation (#cheeky)…

As always, the annual CSS Booze Cruise boasts unfathomably cheap drinks on the boat, FREE drinks and food at the After Party at Harbour Kitchen (yes, you did hear that right) and guaranteed good times.

Drink specials on the boat:
- Basic Spirit: $3
- Premium Spirit: $3.50
- Smirnoff Black Ice: $6 (that’s right, DBs for $6)
- Jonny & Cola/Jim Beam & Cola Can: $4
- Monteith’s Cider: $3.50
- Carlton Draught Can: $2.50
- Cascade light can: $2
- Corona, Asahi, Heineken, Crown, Coopers Pale Ale: $3
- Cruiser: $3.50 (even better!)
- Ruski: $4
- Wine: $2.50 (glass not bottle, sorry)
- Red Bull: $3 (for the teetotallers)
- Soft Drink/OJ: $1.50 (for the children)

If you can’t wait to see all of this and more panning out on a cruise ship, then you CANNOT miss out on ticket sales:
Ticket sales: April 19th sales from 12-2pm, University Square
- MAX 3x Tickets PER PERSON
- $40 for members, $45 for non-members (after party included – proof of membership required for all tickets bought at member prices)

Cruise: May 5th arrive at The Victoria Star, Docklands at 6:30pm for a 7pm departure

We can’t wait to see you there!