2 years ago

4 August, 2016

South Lawn

Organised by:
Commerce Students Society

The time has come for that special night,
We present to you with such delight,
The Uni Party that trumps them all,
The annual CSS Commerce Ball.

But if you want to secure your place,
A cold wait you'll have to face,
So gather your jackets, get a friend,
And let's make Commball great again.

Yes for all those who were worried, the CSS Commerce Ball has returned for 2016! The first step to undoubtedly one of the best nights of your year is the Lawn Lineup. On Thursday August 4th, we will be taking deposits to secure tables for the main event which will be on Thursday 25th August.

Traditionally, people have thought that they would be particularly sneaky and camp out on South Lawn the night before to get ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, we have had strict instructions from the University that no one is to arrive before 5am. If you decide not to follow these guidelines, campus security reserve the right escort you off the premises, sacrificing your chance of getting a ticket.

We will start selling tickets at 10:30am and will have an egg and bacon breakfast for all the cold, hungry souls in the line that are sticking it out for a night that promises to be legendary and unforgettable - for those who remember it.

There are few rules so make sure you read as follows:

- Tables of 12 people ONLY
- You will be given a numbered ticket as you line up, this entitles you to purchase one table and ensures anyone that comes after you can't push in!
- You must have a ticket to buy a table so if we don't give you one as you join the line give us a yell!
- No ticket = no table! No exceptions!
- 1 table per person in the line
- You will need to pay a NON REFUNDABLE $300 CASH deposit per table ($25 per person)
- Someone from your table must remain in line at ALL times
- The paying member of your table must be a CSS Member and provide proof

Total investment for the night is $140, total return is infinite - pure arbitrage.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Your CSS