2 years ago

4 May, 2016

The Ian Potter Museum of Art

Organised by:
Art History Student Society

The Ian Potter Museum of Art in collaboration with Melbourne University’s Art History Student Society (AHSS).

12.30 pm, Wednesday 4 May

Join us to discuss the exhibition Fabrik: conceptual, minimalist and performative approaches to textiles. Curator Jane O'Neill and exhibiting artists, Kate Sylvester and Clementine Barnes, will provide an in-depth discussion of contemporary textile design and discuss works on display.

For all enquiries please contact AHSS Events Coordinator, Beth Kearney, via bkearney@student.unimelb.edu.au

Jane O’Neill
Jane is a freelance curator and arts writer, who will provide insight into her creative decisions relating to Fabrik. She is the author of Austral Avenue: An Experiment In Living With Art, which is available for sale at the Potter.

Clementine Barnes
Clementine is a contemporary visual artist who specialises in painting and embroidery. She is currently based in Melbourne and has participated in a variety of group and solo exhibitions, as well as a number of residencies abroad.

Kate Sylvester
Kate is an emerging artist who lives and works in Melbourne. She has been involved in a number of exhibitions. Her practice uses the garment as a ready-made art object, transformed into painting, illustration, sculpture, installation, and performance.


Fabrik is a proud participant in the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

Photography Jody Hutchinson.
Above: Visitors enjoying Clementine Barnes, Colour Series 1-6 (2014-15)