2 years ago

20 April, 2016

Taco Bill Russell Street

Organised by:
Amigos de la Lengua Espanola (ALE)

¡Hola Amigos!

Next week ALE is descending on Mundo Lingo! Everything is kicking off around 6pm (or whenever you get there) at Taco Bill where you can finally use those discount cards we gave you, from where we will kick on to European Bier Cafe for a great night of Mundo Lingo!

For those who don't know Mundo Lingo Melbourne CBD, it's a great initiative to share a conversation with those who speak some of the same and different languages and a great way to meet new people in Melbourne!
When we arrive we'll just be joining in the fun so feel free to get lost on the night!

Hasta entonces

PS We'll link the ML event when they put it up :)
PPS You don't need to speak Spanish but you'll probably have a better night if you can speak another language!