2 years ago

20 September, 2016

FBE Theatre 3

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Actuarial Students Society

Hello ASS-ets!

We are drawing close to the end of yet another wonderful year, and would like to invite you all to our AGM for a chance to have your say in selecting the future leaders of our society.

The AGM will commence with a brief overview of the year, covering important changes and other formalities. We shall then proceed to with the election of 2017's Committee members.

We encourage you all to come and vote on who you believe would best lead the society next year, and run for a position if you believe you are suitable.

For those who are looking to nominate themselves for a position and have yet to do so, please keep in mind that all nominations have to be emailed to contact@melbourneactuary.com before Sunday 18/09. More information about roles available and the AGM has been sent out via email.

Don't miss your chance to have your say!