3 years ago

29 May, 2015

South Lawn

Organised by:
Science Students' Society

Ahhh the barbecue to end all barbecues!

Kegs and Sun is back better than ever before ft. Melbourne Weather!! An event guaranteed to be the saucey-est event of your whole semester ;)

It’s week 12 and we all know what you’re thinking; where has the semester gone? Exams are in 3 weeks? Why am I still watching week 3 lectures? *Cue heaving breathing* We know the pain, but don’t fret for the SSS have the cure for all your woes!

Take some time away from all the hectic (but most likely frantic) study and come down to South Lawn at 12PM on Friday and join us for a drink in the sun**. As usual, the SSS will satisfy your hunger with some delicious snags and veggie burgers to please. There will be beer. There will be cider. There may be suns.

And if you’re not a member? Don’t worry, memberships will be sold on the day! Make sure to bring your ID to make the most of the last day of semester.

And if that doesn’t convince you - did we forget to mention there’s beer?

**sun, as per usual, not guaranteed.