2 years ago

14 April, 2016

South Lawn

Organised by:
Science Students' Society

Ahhhhh week 6 how you crept up upon us quickly but quietly and grabed us with both of your cold scary hands and took us under your sad MST and assignment filled blanket. Uni gets hard, who would have thought?!

Stress less though, beacause the SSS is back with another fantastic BBQ where you can eat all your worries away. Didn't realise your assgiment was due this week? No worries, have a sausage. Thought that MST was worth 10%, but it's actually worth 25%? No worries, have a drink to wash away the fear. Realising that if you have an exam in week 3 then you have a straight 12 weeks of uni before you're done? Eeep. Not to worry though, but maybe a veggie burger/hash brown/sausage/4 bits of bread AND a drink will help you stress less over that one.

Our BBQ is being run as part of Stress Less Week which is a week dedicated to looking after student wellbeing. They're a lovely bunch of people over at UMSU who want to make sure no one is getting too caught up in the scary side of things that comes with uni!

Not only will there be food at the Stress Less Carnival but also a jumping castle and a petting zoo! YAY! Bunniez.

Check out their event below:

See you all there,
SSS xx

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