2 years ago

10 May, 2016

Fritz Loewe Theatre, Melbourne Uni, Calton

Organised by:
Science Students' Society

It is that time of year again, time to say thank you to those who have helped run the club for the past 12 months and time to welcome those who will be taking over the responcibilities of ensuring this club remains one of the best on campus.
By now you should have recieved an email from us with notification of the AGM, if you have not recieved it you either; a)aren't a paid member or b)gave us an incorrect email address (there is many of you that did this).

We invite all current members to nominate for comittee positions and/or attend the AGM to vote in the election.
The consitiution, agenda and consitiutional ammendments are all outlined in the email sent.
In summary, the positions to elected are as follows:
Executive positions -
Education & Welfare Officer

General committee positions -
2 x On-Campus Events Coordinators (one senior & one junior)
2 x Off-Campus Events Coordinators (one senior & one junior)
2 x Communications and Advertising Officers
Membership Officer
Merchandise Officer
First Year Representative
Social Media Representative

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else for any of these positions please email their name and student number to musciencestudents@gmail.com. All nominations need to be approved by the nominee. Nominations will be accepted on the day before meeting commences.

The returning officer is Yasmine Luu.
Any questions please email or message us, or contact one of the executives. The constitution outlines the responcibilities and conditions of each position but if you are still unclear as to which one would best suit you don't hesitate to contact us.

xoxo SSS