3 years ago

29 July, 2015

South Lawn

Organised by:
Engineering Students' Club

It's like a MEGA BBQ but MEGAER.
If you enjoy some meat on your bun, down to south lawn this Wednesday.

There will be beer, sausages, veggie burgers, beer, pizza, beer, punch, cider, soft drink and beer.

This event is the result of the sensual collaboration of the following Engineering clubs:
- Engineers Without Borders
- Engineering Music Society
- MU Chemical Engineering Students Society
- MU Biomedical Engineering Society
- MU Environmental Engineering Society
- MUR Motorsports
- Mechatronics
- Computing and Information Systems Students' Association


Engineer comes from the latin 'Engineerimus' translating roughly to 'loosest units on campus since 1889' and we keep up with this tradition with events throughout the year such as ENG CRUISE and our infamous BEER n' CHIPS.

So come down and MEAT everyone.
There WILL be food.
There WILL be beer.
There WILL be shenanigans.