3 years ago

17 August, 2015

Carey Oval

Organised by:
Engineering Students' Club

After a closely fought draw in Semester 1 beer soccer, Melbourne University Society of Student Clubs (formerly known as MUESC) again takes on the Science Engineering Society (ormerly known as the SSS) in an epic battle to capture another letter from the others acronym.

This time around Aussie Rules Football is the game. Throw on your tightest shorts, dust off the mouth guard and pull up those socks as Eng and Science contest this year's BeerFL final.

Eng wears light colours (white, yellow, sky blue or pink etc.), Science wears dark colours (black, navy, charcoal, purple, maroon etc.).

Rules are as follows:
You must have a beer in your hand to play (Anyone who is doing Dry July in August must have both prior brewed tea and milk with them).
Spill your beer: drink
Free against: drink
Put your beer down: drink
Kick a goal: finish
Dribble kick: finish
Marks only count if you yell "jezzalinkoooo, you beauty!!!!" or “Cappppppaaaaa”
Tackling applies
No Chris Judd pressure points, eye gouging, sling tackles
Anyone who starts dominating must finish a beer
Gooch is always in the wrong

Meet at 2:15 Monday in North Court before we make the voyage over to Carey Oval (just to the north of the collages), the sacred home of beer-fuelled sporting activities.

***Tinnies only. BYO 6-pack or $10 to buy into slabs.