2 years ago

4 March, 2016

Mt Morton Camp & Conference centre

Organised by:
Financial Engineering Club

Highlights: Car Pool, Goon, Beer, Acquaintance Activities, Beer, Boat Races, Jelly Wrestling, Laybacks, Big Fruit, Toga Party, Beer Olympics, Goon, Beer, Tea Drinking Competition, BBQ Bacon/Champagne Breakfast, Beer.

E*trip is by far and away the best way to meat some new people and have an awesome time you'll never forget. Just ask anyone who was lucky enough to attend last year.
What better way to get to know the folks you'll be spending the next three or more years with, than over a couple of 'quiet' ones?

Date: 4-6th of March
Location: Mt Morton, Belgrave (about 50 mins SE from uni)
How much: $109 (what a bargain!)

There is a limited number of spaces available on E*Trip so get in fast!

Contact the MUESC fb page for moar information

for those of you attending please join this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1695291107379297/