3 years ago

26 June, 2015

Melbourne Law School

Organised by:
MUDS Melbourne University Debating Club

Q. What’s worse than capping out of finals at Australs?
A. Getting capped out at ADAM!

*Registration is now closed*. Please only fill out the form if your team is already registered: http://tinyurl.com/adamrego

Queries: adam.debating@gmail.com

Payment details (be sure to e-mail us the receipt!):
Account Name: Melbourne University Debating Society
BSB: 083-457
Account: 517574963

Winter is coming and you know it’s a good time to head to the South. ADAM offers more gags and out-of-place cultural references than Daenerys screaming for her dragons. Btw, did we mention debating?

Registration is now open and is set at $65 for debaters and $45 for adjudicators. While there is no formal adjudicator requirement, we reserve the right to exile (read: waitlist) teams from institutions grossly in excess of n/2.

We’re also pleased to announce a drastic shakeup in the seven kingdoms, I mean tournament. We’ve convinced the Iron Bank to let the winning team take home a $300 cash prize – talk about high stakes drama!

Chief Adjudicators:

Our first CA is Richard Keys! As a debater Richard’s been a Semi-finalist of Australs, ANU Spring, and UNSW IV. More importantly, he won ADAM last year. Richard has also been CA of ANU Spring (2014), ANU Fall (2014) and Macquarie Mini (2013).

Our second CA is Jacqui Yates, who also won ADAM last year! She’s also an Easters Grand-finalist and has broken to Octos at Australs and Quarters at Womens. As an adjudicator, Jacqui has judged the Grand Finals of Australs and ANU Spring, as well as being CA of ANU Fall (2014) and DCA of Womens (2014).

Save the date. Beat our cap. ADAM 2015.

----------------------------- Schedule -------------------------------

Friday 26th June:
5:30pm – Registration (and Pizza!)
6:15pm – Briefing
6:45pm – Topic Release
7:15pm – Round 1 Starts
8:45pm – Drinks

Saturday 27th June:
10:00am – Breakfast
10:15am – Briefing
10:30am – Topic Release Round 2
11:00am – Round 2
12:30pm – Lunch
1:15pm – Round 3 Topic Release
1:45pm – Round 3
3:15pm – Afternoon Tea
3:45pm – Topic Release Round 4
4:15pm – Round 4
6:15pm – Champ Dinner

Sunday 28th June:
9:45am - Breakfast
10:00am – Round 5 Topic Release
10:30am – Round 5
11:45pm – Lunch
12:15pm – Break Announcement
12:30pm – Quarter Finals Topic Release
1:00pm – Quarter Finals
2:15pm – Afternoon Tea
2:30pm – Semi Finals announcement and topic release
3:00pm – Semi Finals
4:30pm – Grand Final announcement and topic release
5:00pm – Grand Final!
6:15pm – Presentations
6:30pm – Post-tournament drinks

Org Comm:
Convenors: Abby Johnston and Ben O’Shea
Tab: Sophia Frentz
Socials: Sarah Abell and Deborah Zhang
Logistics: Saskia Lindenmayer and Angela Keyte