3 years ago

1 September, 2015

Melbourne Law School

Organised by:
MUDS Melbourne University Debating Club

It's here! The annual MUDS Annual General Meeting.

People will be elected.
Discussions will occur.
Pizza will be eaten.
Mikaela will bake things.
A round of debates afterwards will happen.

If you would like to nominate either yourself, or another society member, for a committee position, please send a message to our returning officer, Tomas Kenwery at vice.president@mudsonline.net with your nomination. It is also possible to nominate yourself/another member on the night. All nominations must be seconded by another member either by email or on the night of the AGM.
The available positions on the Committee are:

President (executive)
Vice-President (executive)
Secretary (executive)
Treasurer (executive)
Public Debate Officer
Socials Officer
Internals Officers (x2)
Schools Training Officers (x2)
Member Training Officer
Sponsorship Officer
Media Officer
Women's Officer

In addition, two equity officers (one female and one male) will be chosen on the night from the newly elected committee.

Those nominating for Executive positions will be required to give a speech of up to 2 mins in length. Those nominating for General positions will be required to give a speech of up to 1 mins length. Speeches should detail how you believe you are best positioned to serve the Club and its members in the role that you have nominated for. Nominees will also have the chance to answer questions from members after their speeches.

Only full members of MUDS may vote at the AGM—this excludes Associate Members. Associate Members are members who are not students of the University of Melbourne.
If you are unable to attend the AGM but would still like to vote for/against the attached amendments and elections, you can nominate a proxy who will vote on your behalf. All individuals requiring a proxy must notify our returning officer via email (vice.president@mudsonline.net)
Each member present at the meeting shall be entitled to carry one proxy vote.
Only individuals who have been a member for at least 7 days prior to the AGM can vote on elections and motions.
A quorum of at least 20 (non-committee) members is required for all elections and motions passed at the AGM to be approved.