2 years ago

22 September, 2015

Melbourne Law School

Organised by:
MUDS Melbourne University Debating Club


In a dramatic (weekly) series of events and internal bickering, a four-way leadership (supremacy) tousle has emerged.

The Party Room (GM17 of the Law School) has never seemed more fierce, there have never been more baked goods, only one victor will emerge. The others will concede defeat, most likely in a febrile manner.

The Grand Final, the ultimate showdown, the coup. Possibly the greatest leadership challenge our great nation has seen in the past week.

We'll be (turn)bulling out all the stops to provide you with delicious snacks and the debate is Shorten to set the Tone of high quality entertainment only MUDS can provide.

Massive thank you to our sponsors Nous Consultancy, whose unwavering support throughout the semester is sincerely appreciated.

Make sure to come along!