3 years ago

13 August, 2015

Concrete Lawns, Melbourne University

Organised by:
Melbourne Arts Students Societ

Week 3. Yes we are already 3 weeks in. For some, the two week start-of-Uni-hangover has just worn off. Join us on Thursday for some non-LMS Uni involvement to rekickstart the semester.

Note that due to Open Day prep (all the marquees on South Lawn), the BBQ will be in South Court, between Union House and Old Quad.

We’re all looking for ways to budget this semester so M-ASS have complied a quick guide so you can save up for your next ball ticket:
- Don’t go to Co-Op
- Don’t buy food on campus
- Don’t buy food off campus
- Don’t go and see Fantastic 4
- Drop out of Uni
- Come to Week 3 BBQ

So forget paying for lunch and head to Concrete Lawns for the usual array of meat, veggie burgers, bread and drinks. May the sauce be with you.

Also look out for free subway cookies for Arts students, provided by PASS. Yes, there are actually benefits to studying arts! See the PASS event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1629897977274902/

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