3 years ago

27 August, 2015

South Lawn

Organised by:
Melbourne Arts Students Societ

Week 5 BBQ!

Come for the sauce, stay for the cheese.

Double Whammy! In a move that definitely isn't blatantly copying SSS, this week we have both sauce and cheese. And snags, veggie burgers and drinks as well but mainly sauce and cheese.

Sauce and cheese, the power couple to rival smashed avo and poached eggs, soy lattes and wankers, coeliacs and cardboard.

We are back on south lawn, the home of PDA’s - so come down and get into it/each other.

We'll bring the sauce and cheese, BYO sauciness and cheesiness.


If you care passionately about free food and alcohol some of the time, and cheap food and alcohol all the time, you NEED to come to UMSU's student bar meeting this afternoon. It's a meeting about turning HJC into a STUDENT-RUN BAR! And in true student bar spirit, they're providing free pizza and kegs!


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