3 years ago

10 September, 2015

South Lawn

Organised by:
Melbourne Arts Students Societ

Week 7 of semester two. Four terrifying words: UMSU Student Election Week. That haunting time of year when the campus is flooded with campaigners, how-to-vote cards and a surprising number of silly hats. When everything is authorised by the mysterious Returning Officer. When you can’t sit in peace on South Lawn without having five different political parties compete for your precious time.

Don’t get us wrong, voting is important. And you should do it. It decides who controls UMSU’s money and directly impacts how many sausages we get to hand out to you. Even if it’s only so you can say “I’ve already voted” to every political campaigner that approaches you this week, you should vote. Even if it’s just to make sure there’s as many free BBQs next year as there were this year, you should vote.

But you also deserve a break from the relentless campaigners.

This Thursday, M-ASS’ little corner of South Lawn will be a CAMPAIGN FREE ZONE. We’re inviting one and all to the lovely patch of grass behind our BBQs. It’ll be a space free from politics – where everyone can enjoy a saucy sausage and a refreshingly unpolitical beer.

Fight your way across South Lawn and join us for a couple of hours of uninterrupted BBQ joy.