2 years ago

20 October, 2015

Concrete Lawns

Organised by:
Melbourne Arts Students Societ

The end of semester. All nighters, nine weeks of missed lectures, and 7/11 coffees. Don't spend all your time looking longingly out the window at all the sunshine, puppies and happiness you're missing out on.

For two glorious hours in week 12, M-ASS is here to cure your pre-exam woes with our Wonderland Carnival!

Feeling cramped from sitting down in the Baillieu all day? Loosen up on the jumping castle and release your stress on our inflatable obstacle course! Or if you’re feeling a bit too run down, petting some ridiculously cute baby animals is the perfect pick-me-up!

If that’s not enough to have you throwing your highlighters in the air, how about procrasti-snacking on some fairy floss, popcorn or a n(ice) cold spider? Or you can enjoy all three while our dedicated artists decorate your face with some skillful face painting.

Best of all, it's all ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So come join us on South Lawn on Tuesday of week 12 (20/10) to release your inner child and de-stress before a busy exam period.


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