2 years ago

23 February, 2016

M-ASS - Melbourne Arts Students Society

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Melbourne Arts Students Societ

In the beginning there was M-ASS.
On the 1st day Artie had a rest day. Because he knew he was in for a bender of a week.
On the 2nd day Artie attended a subject expo. He wanted to get the boring stuff out of the way.
On the 3rd day Artie double-wanged at the BBQ. He then proceeded to crawl from pub to pub.
On the 4th day Artie scored a ticket to the best weekend of his life and partied the night away.
On the 5th day Artie had some questions to ask, so he did just that.
On the 6th day Artie recovered.
On the 7th day Artie was ready to start Uni.

The biggest week of the year. A week you won’t forget. You’ll have such a good time you won’t even know what day it is. Don’t worry, the Melbourne Arts Students Society is here to help you through with a week full of fun and (mostly) free events.

WHAT: Majors and Minors Expo
WHEN: 12-2pm
WHERE: Arts Hall, Old Arts
Not sure what do to at Uni? Not sure if you’ve picked the right subjects?

Look no further than the M-ASS Majors and Minors expo, where second and third year Arts students answer any and all questions about Arts subjects. We’ll help you figure out which stream of arts you are interested in and what subjects you should be taking.

WHAT: M-ASS Info Sessions
WHEN: 10.30-11am & 12-12.30pm
WHERE: Theatre A, Old Arts
Find out about what the Melbourne Arts Students Society is, what we do, and how to make the most of your time at uni.

WHAT: Free Welcome BBQ
WHEN: 12-2pm
WHERE: Deakin Court
Join us for a free sausage and soft drink before we begin an adventure across Parkville and Carlton.

WHAT: Safbari: Tour of Local Watering Holes
WHEN: 2pm-late
WHERE: Starting at Tsubu
The numerous watering holes around uni are full of wild animals, exotic vistas and cheap beers. Join us on the safari of a lifetime as we explore the best and worst of the Parkville jungle. Just bring along ID and some cash, and get ready to swap binoculars for beer goggles.

WHAT: Arts Camp Ticket Sales
WHEN: 9am
WHERE: G16, Old Quad
FB event coming soon
Tickets to M-ASS’ Arts Camp are strictly limited. Arrive early to ensure your place on the most electric and debaucherous weekend of the year. Line up early (or even really early) because tickets will NOT last long. Check out the event for more info.

WHAT: Free Fairy Floss and M-ASS Info
WHEN: 11am-3pm
WHERE: G16, Old Quad
Join us for free fairy floss and become a member of M-ASS!

WHAT: O-Week Party
WHEN: 8pm-late
WHERE: Colonial Hotel
Just when you think you’ll never recover from the Safbari, find your last bit of O-Week energy and come to the biggest and best O-Week Party in Melbourne. Featuring amazing drink deals and free entry for M-ASS members ($5 entry for non-members), you won’t regret it. Check out the Facebook event for more info.

WHAT: M-ASS Info Stall
WHEN: 11am-3pm
WHERE: South Lawn
As part of UMSU’s Clubs and Societies Carnival, come along and find out about what the Melbourne Arts Students Society is, what we do, and how to become a member.