2 years ago

17 March, 2016

South Lawn

Organised by:
Arts Students Society (M-ASS)

Y'all know the drill - free sausages/veggie burgers/soft drink/beer/cider. Come and join us for our latest BBQ on South Lawn to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s day is a day celebrating the death of some bloke from some country that’s not England who did some stuff. So why not throw down a sausage or two in his honour! Inhale veggie burgers into your orifice’s, guzzle down some sauce, swallow some liquid and smash some shamrocks (whatever that means).

Join us in your best green attire and we'll have some green facepaint and food dye to make things extra fun.

Kick-ons at the UMSU Activities St Patty's Day BBQ.

PS. The fantastic people from PASS (Peer Assisted Student Study) will also be at the BBQ handing out free cookies to Arts students. Yay cookies! Check out their FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/955238714545690/