1 year ago

27 August, 2016

Influencers Church City Campus

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Hey, YOU!

YOU are invited to our very first International Students Carnival! Our team have been brainstorming heaps of exciting ideas to put together what will be a night full of food, games and prizes. There will be a variety of food for sale including cupcakes, popcorn, fairy floss, and even BRIYANI (All the Malaysians in the house say 'AMEN!'). We'll have a range of carnival games and if you think you're up for the challenge, we even have a Wii competition. We hear there will even be performances on the night so come support our performing trio!

So free up your Saturday evening and come by with a whole bunch of friends! Entry is free but coupons will be available for purchase on the day. The fun begins att 6pm on the 20th of August! Remember to spread the word, INVITE THE WHOLE OF ADELAIDE and we'll see you then!

P.S. For a tiny fee, there is a chance for us to tape Ps Judah to a wall. YOU DEFINITELY DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. ;)



Date: 20th August 2016
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Venue: Influencers Church City Campus (113 Currie Street, Adelaide)
Tickets: FREE ENTRY, with coupons available for purchase on the day.