2 years ago

1 April, 2016

Hindley Street

Organised by:
University of South Australia Psychology Assoc.

Get conditioned!

Ready to make a splash this semester with your friends and classmates, or not studying and just looking for a night to let your hair down?

The UniSA Psychology Association (UPA) is proud to announce:

Classicrawl: The classically-conditioned pub crawl

This year, this UPA is switching things up by heading west with four popular venues to cater for a variety of attendees (and another popular alternative for those seeking pub crawl tradition). Participants will then indulge in the unconditioned stimulus (a beverage of your choice), before being conditioned to the stimulus: a bell. When the bell rings, the unconditioned response will elicit relocation to the next venue (or so our experimental hypothesis hopes to prove), with our photographer compiling the results for analysis with photographic evidence—for those who like to scrub up for a big occasion. In true Pavlovian fashion, attendees will traverse up and down Hindley Street into various venues before arriving at Dog & Duck. Alternatively, if lining up isn’t all it’s quacked up to be, the bull awaits you at The Woolshed.

All puns aside, the event is open to all the general public, so bring along your uni buddies and your other mates who aren’t accruing a HECS debt! Tag us across the night on Facebook and Instagram (@unisapsychology) and be sure to use the #UPA and #CLASSICRAWL2016 hashtags.


Unlike for-profit pub crawls (and some non-for-profit pub crawls with discount incentives for paid members), our shirts are available to everyone for $20! Shirts can be purchased from the following link: https://usasa.sa.edu.au/Store/Product.aspx?PID=7972

Size and fit information can be found at the following link: http://classicrawl.com/

There will also be opportunities to try on the tees in all listed sizes during Week 1 at each city-based UniSA campus (Magill, City East, City West, and Mawson Lakes—sorry Mt Gambier and Whyalla!), in addition to cash sales to place your order.

Be sure to click ‘Attending’ for updates on t-shirt collection that will be posted on our page and the event wall. You will also receive an email (required for online sales, preferred for cash sales) that will provide collection information.


7:30-9pm: The Duke
• $5 Pizzas (Margherita & Hawaiian)
• $5 Pale Ale & Cider
• $5 Vodka
• $5 Skittle Bombs

9:00-10:00pm: Secret Venue

10:00-11:00pm: Black Bull
• $3 Black Bull Shots
• $5 Base Spirits (Vodka, Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, Bundaberg)
• $5 Beers (West End & Super Dry)
• $5 Skittle Bombs

11:00-late: Dog & Duck
• VIP wristbands
• $5 Vodka
• $5 Tequila
• $5 Beer (Super Dry) and Cider (Somersby Cider)
• $5 Fresh Pussy Shots
• $5 Skittle Bombs

Overflow/Alternative Venue
10:00pm-12:00am: The Woolshed
• $5 Base Spirits

Watch this space, there’s another big surprise to add in addition to the above venues!

Additional Information:

This is a volunteer-run fundraising event for the UPA (formerly Undergrad Psychology Club), a non-for-profit organisation, with all proceeds going towards funding for future events including barbeques, charity fundraisers, and other 2016 social events.

Are you a UniSA student and want to join us? The UPA is currently taking applications for the committee. If interested, feel free to attend our annual general meeting during Week 2 (food will be provided, further information to come on our Facebook page), or you can fill in the application form (found at classicrawl.com) or send us an email (via unisapsychologyclub@gmail.com)