1 year ago

5 May, 2017

Adelaide, SA

Organised by:
Psychology Association

After last year’s pub crawl, the FPSA, UoAPSA, and USAPA have played their cards right, and are proud to announce:

Reverse Psychology: The Combined Uno-versity Pub Crawl

Starting in the east and ending in the west, we’ve doubled down on venues all-night long so your only concern is which pub or club to SKIP while going WILD with your friends, fellow cohort and pals from other universities!


In the spirit of Uno, each university will be represented by one of three suits from an Uno deck: Adelaide will be sporting red; Flinders will be glowing in yellow; and UniSA will be bearing blue. In true Uno fashion, there will also be fifteen different kinds of “cards” being shuffled between venues across the night.

UniSA (Blue) Shirt Sales:
Tees can be purchased online (via the following link: https://usasa.sa.edu.au/Clubs/unisapsych/Products/1094) or with cash on select days; be sure to check the event or the University of South Australia Psychology Association's page for more information.

Adelaide (Red) Shirt Sales: keep an eye on the event or the University of Adelaide Psychology Students' Association page for information on cash sales!

Flinders Shirt Sales: Order your shirts online here: https://fpsa.tidyhq.com/public/events/11433-tri-school-pub-crawl/checkout/new or at SSN 101 on campus during our opening hours.

Sizing information can be found at the following links:
Staple (Men's): http://imgur.com/a/8tUZn
Maple (Ladies'): http://imgur.com/a/Omipb
Shirts can also be tried on for fit reference at AS Colour's Adelaide Store, located at 197 Rundle Street, Adelaide.


7:00-8:30pm: Austral Hotel
• $11 Jugs of Hills Apple Cider or Coopers Lager
• $5 Base spirits with mixer of choice

7:00-8:30pm: The Stag
• $6 House wines, Base spirits or selected Beers on tap

8:30-10:00pm: The Elephant
• $5 Spirits including Vodka, Bourbon, Malibu, Scotch, Gin & Fresh Pussy Shots
• $5 Pints Coopers Pale Ale/Larger, TEDS, Westend, Carlton, Hahn & 5 Seeds Cider

8:30-10:00pm: PJ O'Briens
• Happy Hour prices till 9:00pm
• (After Happy Hour) $5 Base spirits & Coopers Larger

10:00-11:30pm: The London
• $2 Soft Drinks
• $3 Schooners of Beer & Cider
• $4 Base spirits & Skittle Bombs
• $5 Jager Bombs

10:00-3:00am: SuperCaliforia
• $5 Vodka
• $5 Shots

11:30-late: The Woolshed
• $5 Base range 11pm-12am

11:00-late: Dog & Duck
• VIP wristbands
• $5 Skittle Bombs
• Base spirits ranging from $3-$5

Additional Information:

This is a volunteer-run fundraising event for the FPSA, UoAPSA, and USAPA, three non-for-profit organisations, with all proceeds going towards funding for future events including barbeques, charity fundraisers, and other 2017 social events.

To ensure a safe 2017 event, the UPA has informed the South Australian Police of the event date and time. Please drink responsibly.